Category: Beach Drones

Drones used for fishing on the beach.

Tuna Fishing 0

Tuna Fishing with Drones

This video by a Jaiden and Byron Leal based in New South Wales, Australian shows them using a Phantom drone with onboard video to place their hook bait in the perfect position. We will shortly be reviewing...

Surf Fishing Drone 0

Surf Fishing With Drones

It’s been a while since the last post but in that time many more videos of drones, particularly the DJI Phantom used for surf fishing have popped up. Here is one of the most...

Drone in Argentina 0

Drone Fishing Argentina

A couple lads take their DJI Inspire 1 out for a little fishing trip in Argentina. They used the Inspire 1 to carry the hook bait out 200 yards. 45 Minutes later they caught a...

Bait Drone 0

Drone Bait Drop at Dewey Beach

Jeremy Jones used his DJI Phantom to drop bait 400 yards on Dewey Beach in Delaware. He attached the bait to the quad-copter then performed an aggressive move forward and backward to release the...

Beach Drone Fishing 0

Drone Beach Fishing

Here is how someone customised a drone, a DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus to be precise, to carry bait out to a distance you’d normally only be able to do with a kayak as it’s much...