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Underwater Drone 0

Waterproof Drone

The biggest problem when using your drone for fishing is the risk of crashing into the water which could turn out to be a very costly accident! We’ve recently seen a fantastic innovation from...

January Sales 0

Drone Deals For 2016 – Buying Advice

Following this years black Friday event we saw quite a few drone deals appearing online at retailers like Amazon, eBuyer, eBay and even supermarkets like Asda with seemingly very big discounts. You should think twice before...

drone crashes 0

When Drones Go Bad

Ok this post isn’t specifically about fishing but it does highlight why you need to have a bit of practice first before taking your drone fishing! Here’s what happens when drones go bad! The...

Mediterranean Drone 0

UAVs to Fight Illegal Fishing

The Black Fish are a marine conservation organisation who use UAVs to help stop illegal fishing. The idea of using drones/UAVs allow them to very cost effectively monitor fishing boats and look out for...

The Drone Code 0

Drone Safety

Here is a rough guide to what you need to be aware of before launching your drone, most of it is common sense. The Drone Code Make sure you can see your drone at...


Dan Bilzerian Destroys Drones

You’ve probably heard of Dan Bilzerian, but if not he’s a professional poker player/actor that knows how to enjoy life. He recently took a bunch of drones out to desert and then shot them all...

Beach Casting 0

The Sand Blaster

The sand blaster bait caster is a beast of a casting machine that puts your bait out over 300 yards! Although it’s not a drone it does achieve the ability of getting your bait out much further than...

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