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Information on DIY Drones for fishing.

The Ghost Drone 0

Ghost Drone Video

Ok, so this isn’t strictly fishing related but with Halloween not too far off we thought this video might inspire some custom drone modifications in time for those trick and treaters. It’s worth watching...

Drone Accident 0

How Not To Go Fishing With Your Drone

These Australian guys go on a fishing trip to Bairnsdale and use their Glitch 240 quadcopter drone to cast further than they normally do with their rods. All goes well in the first cast...

Beach Drone Fishing 0

Drone Beach Fishing

Here is how someoneĀ customisedĀ a drone, a DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus to be precise, to carry bait out to a distance you’d normally only be able to do with a kayak as it’s much...