Lily Camera Drone – Taking Water Activities to a New Level

Lily Camera is a unique quadcopter that is designed as a high performance drone with a self flying capability. It is one of the best portable waterproof drones and comes in a rugged design. Lily camera is not like other waterproof drones as the drone has the capability of taking cinematic videos and photos in the water without the supervision of the user. This is because it flies itself and can take off from and land on water with no damage whatsoever to its electronics. In addition to this, it is also 100% safe for flying in rain as the drone itself is housed in a water tight protective housing.

Lily Camera comes with two user modes: GPS-aided mode and manual operation mode. Most people prefer using the GPS-aided mode as it not only makes it effortless to fly the copter but also enables it easy to take amazing shots with the copter. On the other hand, the manual operation mode may prove to be quite challenging especially to people who are new to drone flying. This mode has a large room for errors and you may end up taking poor quality shots and videos in water.

Lily Camera Drone

Lily Camera Flight Software

Lily Camera Drone is designed as an exclusive camera quadcopter that is very portable and weighs more than a medium size laptop. Unlike other drones, there is no setting up required when launching the drone either from water or any other surface. You only need to toss it in the air and it becomes airborne. It starts taking photos and/or streaming videos immediately it is launched into the air. Since it is a self flying drone, it does not come with a controller.

Lily Camera Additional Features

Important facts to know about Lily Camera

Lily Camera can be launched from or landed on saltwater without experiencing any damage whatsoever. However, because salt water causes corrosion, the motors and any other parts that come into contact with saltwater should be thoroughly rinsed. In addition to this, the drone should only be submerged in water to a depth of not more than one meter. This is because the waterproof rating of the drone is pegged at IP67. Submerging it in depths of more than one meter may cause great damage to the copter’s electronics.

Lily Camera Flight Software

Lily Camera Drone Pros:

  • Easy to use as it has a self flying mode,
  • It’s waterproof thus ideal for water activities such as fishing,
  • Long flight time of up to 20 minutes,
  • 12 Mega Pixel photo resolutions.


  • Long battery charging time of 2 hours.

Lily Camera Additional Features

The drone has a high video resolution (1080p 60 fps and 720p 120fps resolutions) thus making it easy for the drone to take cinematic videos. The quadcopter comes with an inbuilt lithium-ion battery that is safely protected in a waterproof compartment. In addition to this, the drone is GPS enabled and has a 4GB micro storage disc. What’s more amazing about the drone is that it is compatible with iOS and Android enabled devices.

Where to buy

Lily Camera $699 Link

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