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Reviews and Prices of all drones on the market that can be used for fishing.

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Drone Deals For 2016 – Buying Advice

Following this years black Friday event we saw quite a few drone deals appearing online at retailers like Amazon, eBuyer, eBay and even supermarkets like Asda with seemingly very big discounts. You should think twice before...

Features of the Mariner Drone 0

Mariner Drone – For Fishing and Water Activities

Mariner Drone – A Quadcopter for Fishing and Water Activities Mariner drone is a high quality amphibious quadcopter with excellent water resistance features. The best thing about this drone is that it can withstand different kinds...


HiSky HMX280 Drone A Thrilling Drone To Fly

HiSky HMX280 is an ultra-portable water resistant drone. The quadcopter is one of the cheapest yet very reliable water-resistant drones. This drone prides itself in having futuristic specs and features; a rare combination to...


The Skyartec Butterfly Drone

The Skyartec Butterfly drone prides itself in being one of the most unique quadcopters built with the finest technology and hence have cutting edge functionality. The best thing about this drone is that it...

QuadH20 Added Features 0

QuadH20 An Ideal Fishing Drone

In the recent past, the QuadH20 drone has become a favorite quadcopter for fishing enthusiasts. This is particularly because of its astonishing water resistant features. As such, the drone can be flown through stormy...

The Drone Catcher 0

The Drone Catcher

One issue that becomes even more of a problem when using drones for fishing rather than anything else is what happens if you loose control of your drone. We’ve heard stories of drones going “rouge”...

AguaDrone 0

The AguaDrone Fishing Drone

The AguaDrone hasn’t actually been released yet however it’s not far away (scheduled for November 2015) and claims to be the first drone ever with sonar! Unlike the other drones on the market this...

DJI Phantom 3 Pro 0

DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Our rating:  (5/5) This drone features on our site a few times, firstly in this beach drone fishing video and again in a carp fishing competition from Lithuania where someone actually used the drone to fish...

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