The Skyartec Butterfly Drone

The Skyartec Butterfly drone prides itself in being one of the most unique quadcopters built with the finest technology and hence have cutting edge functionality. The best thing about this drone is that it has impressively reliable features that provide drone enthusiasts with an unrivaled flying experience. This drone has taken the marine world with a storm because of its ability to undertake advanced stunts and tricks. Despite the drone being only water-resistant and not waterproof, it can still be flown close to water surfaces without experiencing any damages. It is no wonder that the drone is used extensively in taking aerial photos and streaming videos of large water bodies.

The Skyartec Butterfly drone has 4 brushless motors and as such, it boasts of having plenty of power that enables it to fly to heights of up to 700 feet. At the same time, the drone has 6 gyro axis thereby not only making it easy to fly the drone but also maintaining it in stabilized positions while taking photos and videos. The quadcopter’s three axis acceleration sensors together with its three axis angular sensors help in providing more stability to the flight system.

Skyartec Butterfly Drone

The Skyartec Butterfly comes as a multi-functional drone with highly efficient features. This ready to fly quadcopter is remote control enabled thus enabling its users to fly the drone to wide flight areas and control the drone from the remote controller. What’s more unique about this quadcopter is that once the user swings the remote controller, the quadcopter stabilizes itself. The drone has a colorful chassis that is reinforced by gorgeous curves on its edges. The electronic components of the drone are well housed in a protective casing thus ensuring that they are not damaged by water or collision with other objects.

kyartec Butterfly Drone review

The innovative design of the Skyartec Butterfly drone is made with excellent performance, quality, and functionality in mind. The robust power output of the drone makes it a favorite quadcopter for drone experimental drone enthusiasts. Another reason why the drone is loved by many people is because flying and debugging the drone is very easy. Moreover, you can connect the remote receiver to the flight control system directly. With its 5030 three blade propellers, the drone has a high lift force that also makes it possible for the quadcopter to perform forward and back motion stunts.

Skyartec Butterfly Drone Pros:

  • Easy to fly,
  • Robust lift force that powers the quadcopter to high heights of up to 700 feet,
  • Remote control enabled.


  • Short battery life.

Skyartec Butterfly Drone Additional Features

Skyartec Butterfly Drone  feature

The GoPro 3 and 4 cameras used in the Skyartec Butterfly Drone have high resolutions and as such stream HD videos and take photos with excellent picture quality. The drone’s cameras have a 1080p video quality and 12MP photo resolution. The drone is an ideal option for new drone enthusiasts who want learn how drones are flown. This is because the drone’s high power and compact size remote controller make it easy to fly the drone.

Where to buy the Skyartec Butterfly Drone

Skyartec Butterfly Drone $300 Link
Skyartec Butterfly Drone (without Battery) $169.99 (£108.91) Link
Skyartec Butterfly Drone £320.03 Link

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