Drone Deals For 2016 – Buying Advice

Following this years black Friday event we saw quite a few drone deals appearing online at retailers like Amazon, eBuyer, eBay and even supermarkets like Asda with seemingly very big discounts.

You should think twice before reaching for the credit card, here’s our advice and things to remember when considering buying a drone in the sales.

Older Drone Models
Some of the drones on offer are older models which lack many of the features found on newer versions (ie the DJI Phantom 2 vs the DJI Phantom 3). This isn’t to say you shouldn’t consider buying an older spec drone but make sure you’re aware of what you’re buying and when you see a 40% off sign remember that’s comparing it to a price it may have been when it was the latest model.

Time Limited Offers
Spending a little time researching online or speaking to other owners is never a bad thing, the problem with making a snap decision because you’ve seen a one day flash sale doesn’t give you as much of an opportunity to make an informed decision about which type of drone would be perfect for you.

Not So Great Drone Offers
We’ve noticed a couple retailers appear to do a daily deal but if you had been watching the price in the days prior or in the days/weeks after the price hardly changed. That’s not to say the deal on offer was bad, just that it was a little misleading making you think you were getting a better deal.

Where Are The Best Deals
Keep an eye out on Amazons lightning deals where they’ve had both the DJI Phantom 2 and Phantom 3 on offer so far, these are likely to be on sale again in the January sales.
Ebuyer are likely to have deals for smaller drones such as the Hubsan X4 (a great micro drone, very fun to practice with!), these sell for about £20 without the camera and £30 for the one with the camera.
Ebay might be a good place to look shortly after Christmas for two reasons. There are likely to be a more for sale following unwanted Christmas presents and from those who were lucky enough to be given a newer/higher spec drone and are selling their older models.

If you’ve spotted any great deals please drop a comment below!

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