The Sand Blaster

The sand blaster bait caster is a beast of a casting machine that puts your bait out over 300 yards! Although it’s not a drone it does achieve the ability of getting your bait out much further than you could possibly cast.

Beach Casting

You might think that launching with a the bait like a rocket over 300 yards would end up with the bait flying from your hook but they’ve come up with a great solution. First they bait up a rig and freeze it in a special tube in an aero dynamic shape, then once frozen it fits nicely into the launching tube. Once the bait has landed in the water the ice quickly melts away leaving the hooked bait ready for some big fish to come and take a bite.

It’s proved very successful for these fishermen, and if nothing else I’m sure it would attract a lot of attention down on the beach!

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