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Drone Enters Fishing Competition

Amongst the 62 fishermen that entered a carp fishing competition in Panevezys (the fifth largest city in Lithuania in case you hadn’t heard of it before) was a drone operated by Saulius Zaura. He...

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Keeping Your Fish Fresh

How to keep the fish you’ve caught fresh overnight or during a long fishing session. It’s actually very easy to keep your freshly caught fish in top condition until you get home and prepare...

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Drone Beach Fishing

Here is how someone customised a drone, a DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus to be precise, to carry bait out to a distance you’d normally only be able to do with a kayak as it’s much...

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The Sand Blaster

The sand blaster bait caster is a beast of a casting machine that puts your bait out over 300 yards! Although it’s not a drone it does achieve the ability of getting your bait out much further than...

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First Fish Caught By Drone

When we think of drone fishing it’s more for either to aid finding fish or as bait delivery be that for accuracy or distance. However this guy from RYOT has used a drone to catch a fish and...


Trail of new carp fishing drone

Here is an aerial drone fitted with a waterproof camera that can be used by carp fisherman to position their bait in the perfect position and avoid any getting stuck in vegetation. It has been...

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