Trail of new carp fishing drone

Here is an aerial drone fitted with a waterproof camera that can be used by carp fisherman to position their bait in the perfect position and avoid any getting stuck in vegetation. It has been developed by the guys at DroneExpert in Holland.

This drone features a lightweight waterproof camera that brings back live footage of the murky depths so the angler can see if there is much activity in that location.

The user then detaches the line and flies the drone back to the bank safe in the knowledge their tackle is in the right spot.

The drone uses GPS so you can position your bait in the same place every time and get live feedback from below the water, with this information and the increase accuracy of placing the bait it will  drastically increase the chance of catching a big carp.

This drone measures 45cm (about 18 inches in old money) in width and weighs 2kg (about 4.4lbs), it has a maximum payload (amount it can carry) of 500 grams (1.1lbs) which is enough for your bait plus weight.

The release mechanism is one pretty unquie to this drone, once the bait hits the bottom of the lake it automatically gets released from the drone which then flys back to the shore.

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